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Auto-generate Social Media Images for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

With Document Studio, you can create multiple variations of social media images for sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or for your stories on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Social Media Images

Auto-Generate Social Media Images

For this example, we have a Google Form that will generate multiple social media images of different sizes. The form requires the respondent to provide a name, their Twitter handle, quote (paragraph) and an image file. The form will generate multiple social media images, save the files to a specific folder in Google Drive and also email the generated files as attachments to the form respondent.

Create Image Templates in Google Slides

Go to Google Slides and create multiple presentation, one for each social media image. Each presentation should contain a single slide and the page size should match the size of the social media image. For instance, if you are creating a template for Instagram stories, go to the File menu in Google Slides, choose Page Step and set the size as 1080x1920 pixels.

You can use the Embed Image syntax with mode=CROP to create images that are resized to to completely fit the container without breaking the aspect ratio (similar to object-fit:cover in CSS).

Social media image template

Create Social Images from Google Forms

Install Document Studio and launch the add-on inside your Google Forms. Give your workflow a descriptive name, like Social Media Images, and click on Continue to move to the conditions page.

Configure Image Generator

Click Continue and then choose Create File from the list of available tasks. Here you need to pick the Google Slides template that you created in the previous step for the Document Template field.

Specify a folder in Google Drive where the generated images are uploaded. You can also chose to save the images in custom folders that are dynamically created from user's answers in the Google Forms.

Choose Image as the export format.

Social Media Image

You may also use Scriptlets in any of the input text field to generate dynamic content.

Click the Done button and click on the Add Another Task button to create another file task. For this task, pick the next Google Slides template that you have created for your Facebook post. You need to repeat the same steps for each variation of the image you want to create from the Google Forms response.

You can also create a Send Email task to email the auto-generated images. Remember to check the Attach Merged Files option in the email task to attach the generated images to the email..

Send Email Attachment

Tasks in Document Studio

Activate the Workflow

Click Done to locally apply your changes. On the next screen, turn on the Run on Form Submit option and the workflow will run whenever a new Google Form submission is received.

Click the Save button and the workflow will now appear in the workflow dashboard where you can edit, delete or manually run the workflow.


You can also embed dynamic QR Codes, Google Drawings, Barcodes, Images, Charts and Graphs in the presentation slides.

Here's a dynamic image generated from the Google Slides template when a form was submitted.

Generated Social Media Image