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Embed Barcode Images in Emails and Google Documents

With Document Studio, you can create barcode images and embed them in emails, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The barcode images can also be generated dynamically from data in Google Sheets or responses submitted through Google Form.

Document Studio can generate barcode images for EAN, UPC, ISBN, postal codes, GS1 Database and all other standard barcode formats.

1D Barcode Images

Barcode Syntax

The default syntax for embedding barcode images in documents and emails is:

{{ Embed BARCODE, data, format=BarcodeFormat, prop1=value1, prop2=value2,... }}

For instance, if you would like to create a Code-39 barcode image for text Document Studio, you would use the following syntax in your email or document template:

{{ Embed BARCODE, Document Studio, format=CODE39 }}

See complete list of supported Barcode Formats

Similarly, if you would like to embed the barcode image for a book whose ISBN-13 code is 9781786330895, the syntax would be:

{{ Embed BARCODE, 9781786330895, format=EAN13, includetext=true }}

The includetext=true property would ensure that the text for data is included into the barcode image.

You can also modify the colors of barcode image using hex codes:

{{ Embed BARCODE, 9781786330895, format=EAN13, barcolor=AA0000, textcolor=008888, backgroundcolor=FFFF60 }}

You can similarly modify the width of the Barcode image, the height of the bars, add borders, padding and more.

See complete list of supported Barcode properties

Dynamic Barcode Images

With Document Studio, you can also embed dynamic Barcode images that are generated from data in Google Sheet and Google Form responses.

For instance, if your Google Form has a question titled Enter Book ISBN, you can use a embed a dynamic Barcode that is generated from the answer of this question.

{{ Embed BARCODE, Enter Book ISBN, format=EAN13, includetext=true }}

Embed Barcode

Barcode Images can be embedded inside email messages, Google Documents, Google Sheets and Slide presentations.