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Save Emails and Attachments from Gmail to Google Drive - An Introduction

Save Emails and Attachments is a Google add-on that helps you automatically download your email messages and attachments from Gmail directly to the designated folder in your Google Drive. It also writes the Google Drive links of the downloaded emails and attachments in a Google Spreadsheet so that you can easily access all the saved files from a single location.

With the help of the Save Emails Google add-on, you can save emails that belong to a particular label (or folder), emails that were received after a specific date (say all emails received in the last year), emails that are from a particular sender (say download all payment receipts from Uber and PayPal), emails that have particular words in the subject or message body and so on.

The importance of Save Emails and Attachments

Save Emails helps to ensure that all your important emails are safely stored in Google Drive folders, thus streamlining your email management. The email messages and attachments that are downloaded in Google Drive can be organized in subfolders as well. For instance, if you have a payment receipt from Stripe received in January, 2024, you can configure the add-on to store the corresponding email in a dynamic folder like Payments\Stripe\2024\January.

It saves a lot of time by automating the process of downloading email messages and attachments and organizing them in your Google Drive, which you would have to otherwise do manually.