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Choose the Folder in Google Drive for Saving Emails

Once you specify the search conditions in the workflow builder and click Continue, the next step would be to choose the destination folder for saved emails and attachments in your Google Drive. The Save Emails add-on lets you download your emails and file attachments to any folder in Google Drive or Shared Drives.

Save Email in Google Drive

Save Folder in Google Drive

To select the destination folder for storing your emails and attachments, click on the 'Choose' button within the Google Drive Folder field. This action will open the Google File Picker window, providing you with two options:

  1. You can choose any folder from your personal Google Drive to serve as the parent folder where the emails and attachments will be stored.
  2. Alternatively, you have the option to store your emails and attachments in Shared Drives, which were previously known as Google Team Drives.

Google File Picker

Organize Emails in Subfolders

If you are saving a lot of emails and attachments, the parent folder in Google Drive may become cluttered and difficult to manage. The Save Emails add-on lets you organize saved emails in dynamic subfolders based on the metadata of your email messages.

In the Subfolder Path field, you have access to various dynamic markers that enable you to define subfolders for your saved emails. These markers allow you to categorize emails based on different criteria such as message date, sender's domain, subject line, and more.

For example, you can create subfolders that group emails based on the date they were received, keeping related messages together. Similarly, you can organize emails from the same sender or with similar subject lines into dedicated subfolders. The possibilities are extensive, and you can customize the subfolder structure according to your specific needs.

Google Drive - Subfolder Path

Mirror Gmail Labels in Google Drive

The Save Emails add-on also lets you mirror your Gmail labels in Google Drive. This feature is useful if you want to organize your emails in Google Drive based on the labels that you have applied to them in Gmail.

To enable this feature, select the main folder where you would like to save your Gmail messages and attachments. In the subfolder input box, you can add the marker {{ Label }} and this will automatically create subfolders in Google Drive based on the labels that you have applied to your emails in Gmail.

For instance, if you have a label called Receipts in Gmail with sub-labels like Amazon and Uber, the add-on will save emails in Drive folders that are Receipts/Amazon and Receipts/Uber. The add-on will automatically create the subfolders in Google Drive if they don't exist already.