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Email Google Spreadsheets on Schedule - Introduction

Email Google Spreadsheets is a powerful add-on that simplifies the process of sending Google Spreadsheets via email to one or multiple recipients. With this tool, you no longer have to manually send out reports and dashboards, as it provides a seamless and automated solution.

The Sheets add-on is however more than just a tool for sending spreadsheets, it can:

  • Convert sheets to PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV or high-resolution PNG images.
  • Email the entire spreadsheet, specific sheets in the spreadsheet, or even a portion (range of cells) of the sheet through email.
  • Embed tabular data, dynamic charts and timeline images in the email body as high-resolution images.
  • Add dynamic cell values in the email subject and email message body.
  • Email Google Spreadsheets on a recurring schedule - you may send emails every hour, every day or on specific days of a month.
  • CC or BCC the email to multiple recipients. Pull the list of recipients from a cell or range of cells containing their email addresses.

The add-on works for all Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.

Please refer to the getting started guide to learn more about the add-on and how to use it.