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How to Change the Filename of the Attached Spreadsheet

The Email Spreadsheets add-on offers a range of convenient built-in markers that can be used to customize the file names of your exported spreadsheets.

By selecting one or more markers, such as Sheet Name, Spreadsheet Id, date, time, and other relevant information, you have the flexibility to create unique and descriptive file names for your exported files. This feature enables you to easily identify and organize your exported spreadsheets based on the specific details you choose to include in the file name.

Custom Filename

The markers provided by the Email Spreadsheets add-on are enclosed in double curly braces and possess dynamic properties. This means that when the scheduled email is sent, the export file names will be automatically modified to reflect the corresponding date.

For example, the default export file name in Email Spreadsheets is {{Sheet Name}} {{Day}}-{{Month}}-{{Year}}. So, our Monthly Sales sheet will be exported as Monthly Sales 20-June-2024.

Some other examples of built-in markers are:

{{ Date UK}}Date in DD/MM/YY format. E.g., 30/05/2024
{{ Long Date}}Full date. E.g., Tue, May 30, 2024
{{ Day Name}}Short name of the current day. E.g., Tue for Tuesday