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How to Create Email Template in Google Sheets

The next task would be to specify the Email Subject. The Email Spreadsheets add-on provides a set of dynamic markers to customize your subject line.

Dynamic Email Subject Line

You may add emojis, custom text, select one or more pre-built dynamic markers, or a combination of all three, like in the screenshot above. This will be yielded in the final mail as πŸ“Š Monthly Sales Target, Tue, Jun 8, 2024.

Email Spreadsheets offers two editor types, WYSIWYG and HTML, for your mail body customization. If you have already designed your email template in an external application using HTML code, you can directly use the same HTML code for your email template within the add-on.

When using the WYSIWYG editor, all formatting options for your email template are conveniently accessible through the toolbar. You can easily apply formatting styles such as bold, italics, underline, and text alignment to your email content. This intuitive interface allows you to visually create and format your email template without needing to manually write HTML code.

Email Template for Google Sheets

The add-on generates a set of pre-built markers for embedding dynamic data in your mail body. Here are some examples:

{{ Sheet name!A3 }}Insert dynamic text from a cell or range of cells
{{ Sheet name!A1:G14 }}Insert the sheet range as an HTML table, while retaining the formatting
{{ Chart:Sheet name!45678 }}Embed charts as images from any sheet. Google sheets assigns a unique ID to each chart, which is interpreted by the add-on automatically
{{ Image:Sheet name!12345,B1:G16 }}Embed high resolution screenshots of the sheet by specifying the range of cells

You may edit the range of cells defined in the markers to match your requirements. You can also insert company logos and signatures in your mail body.

Once you have drafted the email template, you can preview how it will look in the recipient’s mailbox, by clicking on the Preview button. A test email will immediately be sent to your inbox, post which you can make changes if required.

If the test is successful, you can either send the mail to the specified recipients immediately; or schedule it for a later date and time.

Here's a sample email sent from Google Sheets using the Email Spreadsheets add-on. The email contains an HTML table of data from the sheet, a chart, and a logo image.

Preview Email from Google Sheets