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Embed Links (URLs) in Email Messages and Documents

With Document Studio, you can embed both hyperlinks (URLs or web links) in your email messages and documents. The links can be static or you can create dynamic links that are constructed from the data in your Google Sheets or Google Form responses.

The default syntax for embedding links in email messages and documents is:

{{ Embed LINK, Anchor Text, Hyperlink }}

For instance, if were to insert the link to this website in your email or template, the syntax would be:

{{ Embed LINK, Digital Inspiration, }}

To create dynamic links, you may add the question titles from your Google Form or the column headers in your Google Sheet.

For instance, if you have field titled Applicant Name and another field titled Applicant Website, you can insert the link to the applicant's website address in your email or template by using the syntax:

{{ Embed LINK, Applicant Name, Applicant Website }}

If you are using the WYSIWYG mode to create email templates in Document Studio, the Embed LINK syntax will be replaced with a clickable hyperlink in the outgoing message.

Hyperlinks in Email Messages

The Embed LINK syntax is also available in Google Docs and Google Slides.

Links in Google Documents

The approach for adding hyperlinks in Google Sheets is slightly different since it uses the built-in HYPERLINK function of Google Sheets instead of the Embed LINK syntax.

Inside a new cell, type the following function:

=HYPERLINK("", "Digital Inspiration")

If you would like to insert a dynamic hyperlink, the variable fields can be used for the link and anchor text values as show below:

=HYPERLINK("{{ Applicant Website }}", "{{ Applicant Name }}")

Hyperlinks in Google Sheets