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Document Studio Pricing - Compare Premium Benefits of Google Add-on

We offer simple per-user pricing plans that are billed monthly or annually.

Compare Document Studio Editions

Total transactions500 Google Form submissions or Google Sheet rows per dayUnlimited Google Form submissions or Google Sheet rows per day
Email Quota500 email recipients per day2000 email recipients per day
Documents Quota500 documents per day2000 documents per day
Conditional Workflows
Creates Images
Create Folders in Google Drive
Share Files and Folders in Google Drive
Add Time Delay in Workflows
Copy and Rename Form File Uploads
Generate Multiple Documents
Append and Combine Documents
Embed QR Codes, Barcodes, Charts
Embed Google Drawings images
Create tasks in Asana
Post to Slack
Post to Discord
Post to Telegram
Create Trello Cards
Post to Google Chat
Send SMS
Send WhatsApp MessagesNot available
Send WebhooksNot available
Conditional ContentNot available
Payment InvoicesNot available
Digital SignaturesNot available
Tech SupportPriority Email SupportPriority Email Support, Phone Support (2 per billing cycle)
Price$79 per year (Buy)$99 per year (Buy)

Free Trial

You can opt for free trial (no credit card required) to explore all features of Document Studio and see how add-on works for your Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.

The free version allows you to process up to 25 transactions per month. These could be either Google Form submissions or Google Sheet rows. Your free quota is limited to 25 emails per month and 25 documents per month.