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Send Push Notifications on Mobile from Google Form Responses

Document Studio enables you to automatically send push notifications to your mobile phone when a new Google Form response is submitted. The notifications are sent through IFTTT and are supported on both Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Configure IFTTT Webhook

The push notifications are delivered to your phone through IFTTT. Launch the IFTTT app on your phone and click on the Create button to create a new applet for sending notifications.

IFTTT Webhooks Configuration

  1. For the If this condition, click the Add button and choose Webhooks from the list of triggers.
  2. Under Webhooks, select the Receive a web request trigger.
  3. For the Event Name, enter the name of your form with spaces replaced by underscores. For instance, if your form name is "Contact Us Form", you can provide the event name as "contact_us_form".
  4. For the Then that action, click the Add button and choose Notifications from the list of actions.
  5. Under Notifications, select the Send a rich notification from the IFTTT app action.
  6. Select the Insert Ingredients button for the Title field and choose Value 1. Similarly choose Value 2 for the Message input field.
  7. Click on Continue and choose Finish to activate the IFTTT applet.

Generate IFTTT Key

Inside the IFTTT's mobile app, tap your email address to access your account. In your account dashboard, choose My Services and then selected Webhooks from the list of services that are activated for your account.

Click the Settings gear icon and click the user_url link that begins with This will open a new page in your browser with the IFTTT key that we will require in the next step.

IFTTT Webhook Key

Connect IFTTT to Google Forms

Install the Document Studio add-on, open your Google Form and launch the add-on. Create a new workflow, provide a descriptive name, like Mobile Push Notifications for Google Form, and then click on Continue to open the conditions section. The IFTTT workflow will run for all new form responses but you can add conditions to filter out responses that you do not want to send push notifications on your phone.

Next, choose IFTTT from the list of available tasks.

IFTTT Google Forms Task

Configure Push Notification

Enter the IFTTT Event exactly as you created in the previous step in the IFTTT app. Next, enter the IFTTT secret key.

The notification title and body can contain dynamic fields, enclosed in double curly braces, and these will be replaced with actual answers entered by the respondent in the Google Form. The message fields also support Scriptlets to add conditional text based on the user's answers.

Push Notification

Activate the workflow

Click on Continue to proceed to the triggers screen. Check the Run on form submit option so that every time a new form response is submitted, the workflow will be triggered and a new push notification is sent to your Android or iPhone where the IFTTT app is installed.

Save your workflow. Next, open your Google Form and submit a sample response to test the workflow.

The workflow will also appear in the workflow dashboard where you can edit, delete or manually run the workflow.