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Send Emails Reminders Before an Invoice Becomes Past Due with Google Sheets

With Document Studio, you can send friendly email reminders to customers before an invoice becomes past due. The reminders can be sent automatically 'n' number of days before the invoice is due. Email reminders can also be sent for invoices that are past due.

For this example, we have a Google Sheet that contains a list of invoices. It includes the customer contact information, the invoice amount, and the due date. The sheet also includes a Status column that indicates whether the invoice has been paid or not and we would like to send email reminders for invoices that are due in the next 30 days.

Google Sheets - Due Invoices

Create an Email Reminder Workflow

Install the Document Studio add-on and open your Google Sheet to launch the add-on. Inside the Document Studio app, provide a descriptive name for your workflow and choose the specific worksheet in your Google Spreadsheet that contains the invoice data. Click on Continue to move to the conditions page.

On the Conditions pane, choose the Process specific rows option and set the conditions to Status column is equal to either Waiting or Past Due. You may also add another criteria to only send reminders when the due amount is greater than $100.

Invoice Conditions

Click on Continue to move to the tasks page and choose Send Email from the list of task.

Create a Message Template

Configure the Send Email task to send a friendly reminder email to the customer. Since the customer's email addresses are listed in the Email Address column of the Google Sheet, you can choose that column name from the Send Email to dropdown.

Provide a subject and body for the email. You can use {{variables}} in the subject and body for personalized emails.

Email Reminder Template

Schedule Emails

On the Trigger screen, turn on the Time Delay option and set the time delay to 30 days before the invoice is due. It is important that the date column in your Google Sheets is formatted as a date else the calculation for comparing the due date to the current date will not work.

Delay Email Reminder

Click the Save button to save an activate your workflow.

Send Emails After the Due Date

Now that we have created a workflow for sending email reminders before the due date, we can also create a workflow that sends emails to customers after the invoice is past due.

Instead of creating a new workflow from scratch, you can simply make a copy of the existing workflow.

To copy a workflow, go to the workflow dashboard, click the Actions button and select Duplicate from the dropdown.

Duplicate Workflow

Inside the new workflow, change the name of your workflow and proceed to the tasks section. Edit the Send Email task and change the subject line and message body. Next, go to the Triggers screen and change the time delay to run 7 days after the invoice is past due. Save your work.

Your workflow is now running in the background and will automatically send emails near the scheduled date and time.