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Merge and Combine Multiple Rows of Google Sheet to a single Google Slides presentation

This step by step guide explains how you can convert data rows in a Google Sheet to slides and append them to an existing presentation in Google Slides. The sheet rows are appended as new slides to the end of the selected presentation.

For this example, we have a Google Sheet with names of students, their classes and subjects. The profile pictures of the students are uploaded to Google Drive and the image links are added to the Google Sheet.

Google Sheet Records

Create a Google Slides template

Create a new presentation in Google Slides and add one or more slides with variable fields enclosed in double curly braces. If you have a field that links to an image in Google Drive, the field will be replaced with the inline image.

Google Slides Template

Create target Google Slides presentation

Next, we'll create a new presentation in Google Slides that we'll append the records to. You can either create a new presentation in Google Slides or use an existing presentation but this file should exist before proceeding to the next step.

Create Workflow

Install the Document Studio add-on and launch the add-on inside your Google Sheet containing the student records. Create a new workflow, provide a name for your workflow and then click on Continue to move to the conditions page. The workflow, by default, will run for all rows in the selected workbook.

Next, choose Append Text from the list of available tasks.

Append Text to Document

Configure Append Workflow

Select Google Slides for the target file format field. Next,choose the slides template that you have created in the previous step. For the target document field, select the presentation that you want to append the individual record to.

Google Slides Workflow

Activate the workflow

Click on Continue to proceed to the triggers screen. If you want the workflow to be automatically triggered every hour, so that any new rows added in that duration are processed automatically, you can choose the option Run workflow every hour. Click on the Save Workflow button to activate the workflow.

The workflow will also appear in the workflow dashboard where you can edit, delete or manually run the workflow.