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Compare Free and Premium Editions of Form Notifications

The Google Forms notification add-on is available as a free download for all Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.

The basic features of the Google Forms add-on are available for free but you should consider upgrading to premium to unlock all features of the add-on.

Form Notifications FeatureFree EditionPremium Edition
Daily Email Sending Limit20Send up to 1500 email recipients per day.
"Sent via" branding removed from email notifications.NoYes, all branding removed from emails
Send multiple emails per Google Form submissionNoYes
Number of Form Rules allowedSingle ruleCreate unlimited rules
Add dynamic QR Code and Barcode symbols in emailsNot availableYes (Enterprise feature)
Send Webhooks from Google FormsNot availableYes (Enterprise feature)
Include recipients in CC and BCCNot availableYes
Notify form respondentYesYes
Send email notifications from a different email aliasYesYes
Attach files from Google DriveNoYes (Enterprise feature)
Send emails from a generic no-reply email addressNoYes (requires a Google Workspace account)
Send conditional email notifications based on form answersNoYes, send responses to different people based on user's answers
Manually resend email notifications to old responsesNot availableYes
Technical support includedNoEmail support with Standard, One-on-One support with Enterprise
Premium Upgrade-👉🏻 Upgrade to Premium

Click here to buy a premium license for Form Notifications and unlock all features.

Things to Know#

  1. When you buy a license, all forms under your Google Account are upgraded to the premium edition.

  2. You require a license for the users who own and manage your Google Forms. You do not need a license for individual form respondents.

  3. The email sending limit is shared between forms that are under the same Google account. If your total limit is 1500 emails per day and one of your forms has sent 200 responses, the other forms will be able to send a maximum of 1300 responses during the 24-hour period.