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Send Google Form Responses to Multiple Email Addresses

With Email Notifications for Google Forms, you can send automatic emails to multiple people when a new form is submitted. The email can contain a copy of the entire form response or you use dynamic form fields to insert answers to specific questions in the email message.

You can setup multiple workflows and send different emails to different people for the same form response. Or you can create a single workflow and send the same email message to all recipients after someone submits a form.

The former approach is recommended if you wish to hide the email addresses of multiple recipients from each other.

With multiple workflows, you can even send different form data to different recipients. For instance, you may send a personalized acknowledgement email to the form respondent, a copy to your CRM for archiving, and a full copy of the response to the form owner and other team members.

Email Multiple People

To get started, open your Google Form and launch the Email Notifications add-on. Select Email Notification from the Create menu to create a new workflow for sending automatic email notifications to the form respondent.

Send Email to Multiple recipients

Once you have specified the sender's details and created the email message template, move on to the Recipient's section. In the TO Recipients field, type the email addresses of all recipients who should receive the notification after a form is submitted. The email addresses should be separated with commas.

Multiple Email Addresses


All email addresses specified in the Notify field are included in the TO field, but you also have an option to use CC and BCC.

Send Email to Form Submitter

Suppose you have a question in your Google Form where you ask the submitter to provide their email address. You can select the dynamic marker from the dropdown list in the Notify Form Respondent section to send a confirmation email to the person who filled that form.

If your Google Form requires the submitter to sign-in with their Google Account before they can complete the form and your form is configured to collect email addresses, a special field {{Submitter Email Address}} will automatically hold the respondent’s email address.

For Google Forms that are collecting email addresses, you can put {{Submitter Email Address}} in the notify field, besides other email addresses, to send an auto-response to the form submitter.

Notify Form Submitter