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How to Edit and Manage Rules in Email Notifications for Google Forms

With the Form Notifications add-on, you can send confirmation emails to multiple people after a form is submitted.

Notify Form Emails

You begin by creating rules and each rule can be configured to send the same email template to one or more recipients. If you wish to send different emails to different people for the same form entry, you will have to create separate notification rules.

For instance, you may create one form rule for sending email to the form owner, another rule for sending a confirmation email to the form respondent and maybe an extra rule for keeping your team in the loop when new forms are submitted.

Manage Form Rules

Once the rules have been defined, you can easily edit your form rules later to update the list of recipients, change the email template and more.

To access your existing form rule, launch the add-on and choose Manage Form Settings from the menu. You'll now see a list of all form rules that are available for the current Google Form.

Manage Form Rules

For each available form rule, you can:

  • Edit the rule (change the list of email recipients, use a different sender's email, update the email template and more)
  • Duplicate the rule (the existing rule's configuration and email template is copied in the new rule)
  • Delete the rule (you cannot recover a deleted rule later)

If you are not seeing any rule in the Manage Form Settings window, it is likely that no rules have been created for this form. Or you are logged into a different Google account.