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Email Notifications for Google Forms - Getting Started Guide

With Google Forms notifications, you can send automatic email notifications to one or more recipients as soon as the respondent submits your Google Form. You can also create multiple email templates and send different emails to different people based on the form answers.

Launch Google Forms Add-on

Create Email Notifications#

Open your Google Form and launch the Email Notifications add-on. Select the Create Email Notification menu and it will open a sidebar where you'll define a new rule to send emails when a new form is submitted.

To create a basic email rule inside Google Forms, the following fields are required:

  1. Rule Name - Used internally to identify rules. This will come handy when you have multiple email rules associated with the same Google form.
  2. Email Addresses to Notify - Specify a list of email addresses who should receive the notification. You can put multiple emails here, separated with commas.
  3. Sender's Email - You can send email notification on behalf of any email address that is connected as an alias to your primary Google account.
  4. Sender's Name - This is the name that will show in the From field of your outgoing email messages sent though the Google Form.
  5. Reply-to Address - This is the email address where the email replies will arrive when the recipient chooses to reply, or reply-all, to your email notification.

Click the Save Rule button to create and activate the new rule.

Create Form Notification


You can create multiple email notification rules with different templates and separate emails will go out to different recipients for the same response.

Test Email Notification#

Open your Google Form and submit a test response. This should instantly trigger an email notification to the address(es) that you have specified in the previous step.

Go to your Gmail sent items folder and, if the rule has been correctly setup, you should see a copy of the email notification in the sent folder.