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Create Filters with Advanced Criteria for Sending Conditional Emails

While setting up conditional emails with the Form Emails add-on, you create filters with complex criteria. Each condition in the conditional logic window can contain one or more criteria and you may use AND/OR operators to specify whether the criteria is optional or mandatory.

Google Form Filters

Filter by Advanced Criteria in Google Forms

The Google Forms add-on lets you easily create advanced filters with multiple criteria. Here are some examples.

Criteria for Comparing Text Fields

  • Equals - Answer exactly matches the specified text
  • Any of - Specify a list of values (comma separated) and the answer should be one of these values
  • None of - Answer should not equal to any item in the list (comma separated)
  • Contains - Text is anywhere inside the answer field
  • Does not contain - Answer does not contain the specified text
  • Is Empty - The answer is blank
  • Is Not Empty - The answer contains at least one character (not blank)

If you would like to check if an answer is among a list of possible values, use a single Contains criterial instead of creating multiple criteria with the Equals filter.

Comparison operators for Numeric Fields

  • Equal to == - Answer matches the specified numeric value
  • Not Equal to != - Answer doesn't match the number
  • Greater than - Answer is greater or equal to number
  • Less than - Answer is less or equal to number

If you would like to check if an answer is between two numbers, create two conditions for the same field - greater than the lower limit and lower than the upper limit.

Regular Expressions

Advanced users may take the help of regular expressions to match answers against complex patterns instead of using simple comparisons.

For instance, if you would like to send email notifications only when the city field contains exactly 4 characters, the regex value would be ^.{4}$. A regex like iPad|iPhone|iMac|Macbook would match any Apple product while ^Tim.+$ is a wildcard criteria that matches all names starting with Tim.

The checks in regex are case insensitive by default. They do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters in the form answers.