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How to Send Conditional Notification Emails Based on Google Form Quiz Scores

With the Email Notifications add-on for Google Forms, you can trigger automated emails whenever a student submits a Google Form Quiz. You can also send conditional emails based on quiz scores and these emails can be sent to different email recipients with different message content.

For example, a school uses Google Forms to conduct online quizzes for their students. When students submit the quiz, they receive a feedback report based on their performance in the quiz. The emails are sent based on the following criteria:

  • If a student scores above 60%, send an email to the students with their scores and answers.
  • If a student scores below 60%, send an email to the student’s parents with students in the CC field.

Let’s see how we can set up this workflow with the help of our Email Notifications add-on for Google Forms.

Prepare Google Form Quiz

Create a quiz inside Google Forms and assign answers to each question along with the points for correct answers. For this example, our quiz consists of 5 questions carrying 10 marks each.

In this tutorial, we will be setting up workflows for sending two different emails. One email will be sent to students scoring above 25 marks in the quiz, to inform them about their scores and congratulate them. Another email, for those students who score less than 25 marks, will be sent to the students as well as their parents.

Prepare Google Form Quiz

Create Workflow

Install the Email Notifications add-on, and launch it inside your Google Form. From the Create dropdown menu, select Email Notification.

Give this workflow a descriptive name, like 'Score above 25 marks' and specify the sender’s details. The email can be sent through any email address that is connected as an alias to your primary Google account.

The next step is to specify the Email subject line and message body. You can use dynamic markers here, which will be replaced with actual answers filled by the form respondent in the Google form.


{{Full Response}} is a special marker that will be replaced with a neatly formatted table containing all the answers that the respondent has entered into the form.

Create Workflow

Click Continue to move on to the Recipients section.

In this section, you can send the email notification to all the form respondents by checking the Notify Form Respondent option, or you can send the email to multiple people by specifying the email addresses in the To, CC, and BCC fields.

For this example, the email should be sent on the basis of a condition, that is only to those students who score more than 25 marks in the quiz, so let’s check the Send conditional notifications option.

Define the condition and the email address in the condition set. You can put multiple email addresses by separating them with commas. The email fields also accept dynamic form fields so you can send emails to the respondent's address that they have entered in the form.

In a similar way, you can set multiple conditions, and make use of various criteria filters to route the notification emails accordingly.

Define Conditional Logic

Click Continue to move on to the last step, which is the PDF section. Here you can choose to generate a customized PDF file containing the form answers and attach the file with the email.

As a school teacher, you may also want to attach additional study resources for the students. To do that, you can save those files in your Google Drive and then embed them in the email by simply pasting the Drive links in the ‘Enter Drive URLs’ field.

Lastly, click on Save & Continue to save the workflow.

Define multiple workflows

Now that we have set up an email notification to students scoring more than 25 marks in the quiz, let’s create another workflow that will send an email to the parents of those students who score less than 25 marks.

You may duplicate the first workflow and make necessary changes in the email message body and the conditions, or you can create a new workflow from scratch.

Create Multiple Workflows Define Second Condition

Similarly, you can create multiple email notifications based on the points scored by the respondent in your Google Form Quiz. Once you have defined all the workflows, you may run a test to ensure their functionality by filling out the Google Form with sample answers.

After submitting the form, go to your Gmail inbox or sent folder, and if the workflow has been correctly set up, you should see a copy of the email notification according to the points scored by you in the quiz.

Test Email Notification