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How to Change the Reply-To Address for Form Notification Emails

The Reply-to Email is the address where replies to your notification emails will arrive. You can also have multiple email addresses in the reply-to field, separated with commas, if you want the replies to go to more than one person.

If you do not specify a Reply To email address, the replies to emails, including out-of-office notifications, are sent to the same address where the email appeared to come from. This is the same address that is specified in the From field of your emails.

For instance, if you send an email notification from, the replies, by default, will be sent to the same address. However, if you set the reply-to address as, the replies will be sent to that address instead of the original sender.

Change Reply To Email Address#

To change the reply-to address for your emails, open the Google Form and launch Email Notifications from the add-ons menu. Click the Create Email Notification menu to create a new rule or choose Manage Form Settings to edit the reply-to address of an existing form rule.

Change Reply to email address

In the Reply To Address field, enter the email address where the replies should arrive. You may also specify multiple emails addresses here and each address should be separated with a comma.

Send Replies to the Form Respondent#

The Reply To Email address field also supports dynamic form fields so you can technically use the answer to any form question as the reply-to address for your form notifications.

This will help you easily set the reply to address to the email address of the person who filled out the form and it will thus be unique for each form entry. When you reply to the confirmation email, the follow up reply is directly sent to the form respondent.

To edit the reply-to email address and set it to the respondent’s email address, edit the notification and put the {{Email Question}} in the reply to field. For instance, if your email field question is titled “Email Address”, you can put {{Email Address}} in the reply-to field and it will be replaced with the actual email address that the user has filled in the form.

Dynamic Reply Email Address

Reply To Emails - Things to know#

  1. Gmail may ignore the reply to address if the “from” address on an email message is the same as the “to” address or is one of your own email aliases.

  2. Some email servers may ignore the reply-to address and send replies to the default "from" address for automatic out-of-office notifications.

  3. Some email clients may ignore the reply-to address of your notification and instead send replies to the default "from" address.