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How to Exclude Dates from Scheduler in Email Google Sheets

Email Spreadsheets add-on provides a robust email scheduler to ensure the timely delivery of your Google Sheets over a specified schedule. With the flexibility to schedule emails on custom intervals of your choice, whether it's hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, you have complete control over when your emails are sent.

The add-on also offers the option to exclude specific dates from email delivery. Whether there are holidays, maintenance periods, or other occasions when you prefer not to send emails, you can simply specify those dates in the 'Exclude Dates' field of the email scheduler.

Exclude Dates from Email Scheduler

Let us take a look at the example below. We want to schedule emails for Monday and Thursday every week. From the ‘Repeats every’ dropdown, select 1 week. By default, 5 days of the week (Monday to Friday) will be selected. Deselect the dates Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and then mention the Start and End dates. You may also specify the time at which you want the emails to be sent.

Next, you’ll see the ‘Exclude Dates’ field. It is important to note that date exclusions in this field should be specified in the “MM/DD” format, each separated by a comma. You may also refer to the ‘Upcoming schedule’ below the date exclusions to ascertain whether the dates which you want to exclude are a part of your schedule or not.

Ignore Dates in Scheduler

We have specified two dates that were a part of the schedule to be excluded. As soon as you type them in the correct format, they will appear under the ‘Valid Dates’ section, and your upcoming schedule will be updated automatically.

Due to certain technical limitations of Google Add-ons, the email scheduler is not accurate by the minute. The emails may be sent anywhere between +/-30 minutes of the scheduled time.