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Publish Google Charts to own Google Sheet - Embed Charts in Emails

Google Spreadsheets provide the option to display charts in full-screen mode by creating a dedicated sheet for that specific chart. By using the Email Spreadsheets add-on, you can effortlessly create high-quality screenshot images of these full-screen charts and embed them in your email body or attach them as PNG or PDF files.

Create Google Charts in full-screen mode

To understand how you can make use of this feature, let’s create a Google Sheet with sample data containing trends in stock prices of Microsoft, Apple, and Google over the last 5 years. The fluctuations in share prices of the three companies and a comparison among them have been graphically represented by an area chart.

Publish Chart to own Google Sheet

To view the chart on a full-screen, click the three dots on the top right corner of the chart area, and from the menu, select ‘Move to own sheet’.

A new sheet will be created, displaying the chart on a full screen, which will look something like this:

Full Screen Charts in Google Sheets

Now we will learn how to embed this chart in the mail body, with the help of the Email Spreadsheets add-on. Install the add-on if it is not installed previously in your Google account, and launch it from the Google Sheets containing the chart. You can create a new workflow, or edit an existing one.

Once you open a workflow, the new sheet created for the chart will appear in the list of sheets for attaching with the mail. With this add-on, you can choose how you want to send your chart- as an attachment, or as an image embedded in the mail body.

Send full-screen charts as an attachment

To send the chart as an attachment in your email, select the sheet containing the full-screen chart from the list of sheets. In this example, it is named ‘Chart1’. From the dropdown arrow, select PNG, and enter the required dimensions of the image file in pixels. The chart will automatically be resized according to the dimensions specified by you.

Attach Image Charts in Gmail

You may also click on the cloud ☁️ icon beside the dropdown and preview the image before attaching it to the email. This chart will be attached as a high-resolution image attachment in the PNG (portable network graphics) format.

Embed full-screen charts in the email body

You may choose to skip sending the chart sheet as an attachment and embed the chart as an inline image in your mail body. Go to the Email Editor in the current workflow, and enter the sender’s name, the recipient’s address and the email subject line.

Click on the ‘Markers’ dropdown list in the email body. The marker for embedding the full-screen chart will appear in the list. All you have to do is click on the marker to insert it in the mail body and it will be embedded as a PNG image.

Embed Image Charts in Gmail