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Markers for Google Forms

Document Studio lets you personalize documents and emails with the help of markers or merge fields. These markers are enclosed in double curly braces and contain the column headers from your Google Sheet or the question titles from your Google Form.

For instance, if your Google Form contains a question titled What is your name, the marker used in the email or document template will be {{What is your name}}.

Built-in Markers for Google Forms

In addition to standard form question titles, Google Forms also provide several built-in markers. These include:

{{ Row Number }}The position of form response in the entire collection of responses.
{{ Response Number }}The current count of responses in Google Forms
{{ Form Name }}The title of the Google Form
{{ Form Url }}The link of the Google Form where responses can be submitted
{{ Form Id }}The unique ID of the Google Form assigned by Google Drive
{{ Response Id }}A unique ID that is internally assigned to every response by Google Form
{{ Response Url }}Direct link to view or edit the current form submission.
{{ Response Date }}The full timestamp when a form was submitted
{{ Respondent Email }}If your Google Form is capturing email addresses, this contains the email of the form respondent.
{{ All Answers }}An HTML table containing all the completed form responses. Unanswered questions are not included.
{{ Full Response }}An HTML table containing all form responses. Unanswered questions are included.
{{ Quiz Score }}The score of the quiz if you have a quiz in your Google Form.
{{ Quiz Score Percent }}The percentage score of the Google Form quiz.
{{ Total Quiz Points }}The maximum points that can be scored in Google Form quiz.

The {{ All Answers }} markers for Google Form responses will only work inside email templates and Google Document based templates.