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How to Merge Specific Rows in Google Sheets and Skip Others

Document Studio, by default, will process all data rows that are present in a Google Sheet. However, if you would like to merge only specific rows, you have a couple of options:

Hide Rows in the Google Sheet

You can right-click any row in this Google Sheet and choose the Hide Row option to hide it from the view. You can also select consecutive rows in the sheet and hide them all from view in one go.

When any row is hidden in the Google Sheet, it will not be included in your workflows.

Hide Rows in Google Sheet

Filter Rows in the Google Sheet

You can use filters in Google Sheets to segment the data and hide rows that do not meet some specific criteria. Any rows that are hidden due to filters are not merged with Document Studio.

Select a range of cells in the Google Sheet. Next, go to the Date menu and choose Create a Filter. Click the Dropdown button in the header row and you'll be able to filter rows by:

  • Filter by values: To hide rows with specific values, uncheck the box next to the value and click OK.
  • Filter by condition: Choose conditions or write your own.
  • Search: Search for rows containing specific values by typing in the search box.

For instance, if you have invoice data in a Google Sheet, you can choose to process only rows where the due date is more than 100 days or where the invoice amount in more than a specific amount.

Filter Rows in Google Sheets

Use Conditions in Workflows

When you create a workflow in Document Studio, you can use conditions to only process rows in Google Sheets that match specific criteria.

Conditions in Document Studio are grouped into Blocks. The workflow will be processed only if ALL conditions defined in at least one block are satisfied.

If any one condition belonging to a particular block is not satisfied, the workflow doesn't run, and the conditions in the next block are checked against the sheet row.

Conditions in Document Studio

Use Checkboxes in Google Sheets

You may use checkboxes in Google Sheets to process specific rows. Create a new column in your Google Sheets and give it a title (say Process). Select the entire column, go to the sheets menu and choose Insert > Checkbox to add checkboxes in cell of the column.

Next, select the checkboxes against rows that you want to process and merge with Document Studio.

Once the checkboxes have been marked, go to the Extensions menu, and launch Document Studio. Open a workflow, go to the Conditions screen and choose the option that says Process specific rows.

Select the column title that contains the checkboxes, choose Is Any Of as the condition and put TRUE in the value field. Run merge and only rows that have been marked will be processed by Document Studio.

Merge Checked rows