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How to Import Google Contacts in Google Sheet for Mail Merge

This guide explains how you can prepare recipients list in your Google Contacts for importing into Google Sheet for Mail Merge.

Select Contacts

Go to and select one or more contacts that you wish to export to the Google Sheet.

Google Contacts

Please do make sure that the imported contacts have a primarily email address associated with them. If the email address is not available, you can still manually type the email inside the Google Sheet.

Label the Contacts

Inside the Google Contacts website, go to the Labels menu and choose Create Label. Next type the name of your label - say For Mail Merge - and click the Save button to create your contacts group.

Label Google Contacts

Import the Contacts

Switch to the Mail Merge sheet and choose "Import Contacts" > "From Google Contacts" as shown in the screenshot.

Import Google contacts

You'll now be presented with a list of labels (or Contact Groups) that are found in your Google Contacts. Select the label that you created in the previous step and choose Import Contacts to bring all the contacts for that label into the sheet.

Import Google contacts

The import wizard will bring only the name and email address of the recipients from Google Sheets into the spreadsheet.

If you would like to import more contact information, like the company name, the phone number, the title and so on, you can export contacts in a CSV file and import into sheets.

Export Google Contacts

Go to the Google Contacts website and click the Export button in the left sidebar. Here choose the correct label from the drop-down and choose "Google CSV" for the export format.

Click the "Export" button and it will download a CSV file on your desktop that you can upload to Google Sheets.

Export Contacts CSV