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How to Send Emails to Specific People in the Google Sheet

Your mail merge sheet contains information for, say, 100 clients but you would like to send emails to only a select group of clients and not the entire list.

There are multiple ways to segment lists in Google Sheets and send emails to only specific rows.

Skip Rows

The mail merge sheet contains a Mail Merge status column that specific the sending status for the current row.

You can set the value of the cell to SKIP for a row and it will not get included in your mail merge campaigns.

Skip Rows

If the value of the status cell is Email Sent, it indicates that the email has been previously sent to that row and thus the row will not be included in future merge until you manually clear the cell value.

Hide Rows

You can right-click any row in this Google Sheet and choose the Hide Row option to hide it from view. You can also select consecutive rows in the sheet and hide them all from view in one go.

When any row is hidden in the Google Sheet, it will not be included in your email campaigns.

Hide rows in Google Sheet

Filter Rows

You can use filters in Google Sheets to segment the data and hide rows that do not meet some specific criteria. Any rows that are hidden due to filters are not included in Mail Merge.

Say you have a country column in the Google Sheet and you would only like to send emails to rows where the country is France.

Filter Rows

All you have to do is create a filter inside Google Sheet with the specified criteria and all the unmatched rows will be hidden. The steps are:

  1. Go to the Data menu and choose the Create a Filter option.
  2. Click the Filter icon in the Country column and specify the necessary condition.

Mail merge will automatically skip the rows hidden by the Google Sheets filter.