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What are the Best Practices for Sending Bulk Emails

Here are some good email-sending practices that will help you avoid the Gmail spam filter and improve the chances of your emails landing in the primary folder of the recipient’s inbox:

  1. Send emails to valid email addresses only.
  2. Get permission from your recipients before sending them emails (opt-in).
  3. Clean your email database and remove email addresses that have bounced or unsubscribed.
  4. Add an unsubscribe link in email messages to let users opt-out of your mailing lists.
  5. If you have GSuite (Google Workspace) domain, make sure that the SPF and DKIM records are properly setup for the domain.
  6. Some spam filters may be triggered by the content of the email message like the subject, the text in the email body, the images or the links in your email. Test your campaign with a small set of recipients.
  7. Avoid copy-pasting newsletter designs from Microsoft Word, write emails in simple HTML and CSS.
  8. Ask your recipients to add your email address as a contact.
  9. Avoid tracking for email opens and link clicks.
  10. If you have a new Gmail or Google Workspace account, send to a small set of recipients initially and gradually increase your daily sending limits.