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Why is Google Form Not Sending Notification Emails

The Google Forms addon lets you set up automatic email notifications after someone submits your form. Internally, when a form is submitted, an onSubmit trigger is invoked that uses the Gmail API to send email messages on your behalf. The trigger works in real-time and the notifications are sent instantly.

If you are not receiving email notifications, here are some troubleshooting tips.

1. Check your Gmail Sent Folder‚Äč

Open your Google Form, submit a test response and then go to the Sent Items folder of your Gmail account. A copy of notification email is automatically saved in your Gmail folder. Also, check the Spam folder of the recipient's mailbox. Sometimes an email may get marked as junk due to the message content.

2. Check your Email Sending Quota‚Äč

Free users can send up to 20 form responses per day while premium users can email up to 1500 recipients per 24 hours.

The daily email limit is email recipients per day and not email messages per day. Thus if you are emailing a single form response to 2 people, it will reduce your daily quota by 2. Gmail counts every email in the To, CC or BCC field as a separate email (even if they are part of the same message) and thus counts towards your quota.

3. Gmail Not Enabled for your Google Account‚Äč

If you are sending emails through an alias that uses Outlook or a non-Gmail address, your sending quota may be reduced by Gmail.

If you are a Google Workspace user, your domain admin needs to enable the Gmail service for you to have the higher email limit. Click here for steps on how to enable the Gmail service for users in your organization.

4. Getting Multiple Email Notifications‚Äč

Please see solution here.

5. Google Forms add-on Crashes at Launch‚Äč

Google Forms add-on may not work if you are logged into multiple Google accounts in the same browser. See solution.

6. Cookies are Blocked in your Browser‚Äč

The Google Forms add-on requires you to ensure that third-party cookies) are not blocked in your browser. See solution.

7. Google Forms Menu is empty‚Äč

Are you only getting the Help menu and not see the option to create email notifications in the Google Forms menu? See solution.

8. Restart Google Form Notifications‚Äč

If you have recently changed your Google account password, or if you have revoked access to the addon under your Google Account settings, or if your Google Workspace admin has changed any security settings, you may have to re-authorize the addon to get it working again.

Open your Google Form that is not sending notification emails and launch the forms add-on. Choose Forms Troubleshooting from the menu and click the Restart button from the troubleshooting window.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact technical support.