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Email Sending Quota Not Increased for Google Workspace Account

The daily email quota for Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) users is 1500 email recipients per day.

If you have recently upgraded to Google Workspace, you may notice that your email sending quota is still limited to 400 per day. Why is the email limit not increased even after upgrading to Google Workspace?

When you sign-up for Google Workspace, your account starts with a 14-day trial and Google will increase your sending limit only after the trial period ends.

You can put your account out of trial mode by making an early payment to Google.

Your account will be removed from the trial mode when it has been cumulatively billed for at least USD 30 (or equivalent in your currency). This amount doesn’t include the cost to purchase your domain.

Please contact Google Support directly for help on how to move your account out of trial mode. The billing requirement doesn't apply to Google Workspace for Education and Non-profit editions.

As soon as your Google Workspace account is moved out the trial period to active billing, the email quota in Google Forms will be automatically upgraded to 1500 email recipients per day.


If you are subscribed to the GSuite legacy free edition, your daily email limits will be lower at 400 email recipients per day.