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How to Download Inline (Embedded) Images from Gmail in Google Drive

The Save Emails Google add-on allows you to download inline images from your emails and save them as file attachments in Google Drive. This guide will walk you through the steps to enable this feature and ensure that your inline images are preserved as separate file attachments.

To download inline images embedded within the emails, you may follow the steps below.

Open your Google Spreadsheet > Extensions > Create Workflow (or modify an existing one), and jump to the Configurations section.

If you haven't already, install the Save Emails add-on for your Gmail account. Open a new or existing Google Spreadsheet and create a workflow.

In the Configurations section of the Save Emails add-on, locate the option labeled "Download inline images as file attachments in Google Drive" and ensure it is checked or enabled.

After enabling the "Download inline images" option, save your changes and run the workflow. Now, when you use the Save Emails add-on to download your emails, any inline images within those emails will be saved as separate file attachments in Google Drive. You can find them in the same location where you save your emails.

Download Inline Images