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How to Test your Workflow in Document Studio

It is recommended that you test the implementation of a workflow in Document Studio using sample data before making it live. Please note that all checks for conditions and scheduling are skipped during testing.

Test an Individual Taskโ€‹

When you are create a new task in Document Studio, or edit an existing task, you'll see a Preview button.

Test Email Task

Clicking the Preview button will first verify that all the mandatory fields are filled in and then you'll presented with a screen to provide sample data for testing the task.

The sample data is taken from the second row of the source Google Sheet that is associated with the workflow but you can always override the example data with your own custom values. Fill-in the fields and click the Test Task button to see the output of the task.

Test Task with Sample Data

If your task involves sending an email, you'll see a copy of the email in your Gmail sent items. If the task is around creating documents, you'll find a copy of the generated file in your Google Drive recent files list.

Test an Entire Workflowโ€‹

A workflow can consist of multiple tasks. When you test a workflow, all the tasks are executed in the order that they are listed in the workflow.

To test an entire workflow, switch to the Save tab and click the Preview button. Similar to testing an individual task, you can provide sample data for testing your workflow.

Test and Preview Workflow

Remember to Save your workflow after testing it.