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Automation Inspiration - Popular Workflows and Templates for Document Studio

Document Studio has a number of ready-to-use workflows and templates that can be imported into your project. Inside the workflow dashboard, turn on the Show pre-built workflows and automations option and you'll see a list of pre-built automations.


If you are new to Document Studio, please read the Workflow basics and then follow the step by step tutorial.

Import Readymade workflows

Create Certificatesโ€‹

Create PDF certificates for participants of a Google Forms quiz with the template created in Google Slides.

Process Non-disclosure Agreementsโ€‹

Send an NDA document in PDF to Google Form respondents from a Google Docs template.

Combine Documentsโ€‹

Merge multiple rows of a Google Sheet in a single Google Document that can be shared with participants.

Generate Multiple Filesโ€‹

Create a Google document and a PowerPoint deck for each row in the spreadsheet.

Mail Merge with Google Docsโ€‹

Send emails from Google Sheets using a Google Document as an email template.

Generate Social Media Imagesโ€‹

Create customized images for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from Google Slides template.

More workflows will be added in the future.