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How to Run an Automation Workflow in Document Studio

A workflow consists of a series of tasks that are executed when you run a workflow. For instance, you could have a workflow that is configured to perform 3 tasks - send an email, create a document, and post a webhook. When you run this workflow, all the tasks are executed as long as the criteria for conditions and schedule is satisfied by the data row in Google Sheets.

Run Document Workflow

When you create a workflow in Document Studio, the Save screen offers a couple of options.

Save Workflowโ€‹

The Save option will save your workflow to the cloud and redirects you to the Dashboard for managing your workflows.

This is the recommended option if you have checked the Run on Form Submit or Run every hour option where the workflows should be triggered automatically in the background.

Run a Workflowโ€‹

The Save and Run option is useful when you wish to manually run a workflow for selected rows of the Google Sheet. When this option is selected, the app will present you with a list of rows in the Google Sheet that you can select to run the workflow on.

Run Workflow - Select Rows in Google Sheets

Row StatusDescription
Queued RowsThe rows that have not been processed earlier and will be included in the manual run. If you wish to remove a row from from the queue, uncheck the row number.
Processed RowsThe rows that have been previous processed for that workflow and will excluded in future runs. If you wish to include an already processed row in the workflow queue, select the row number.
Unmatched RowsIf your workflow includes any conditions, these are the list of rows that do match those criteria and hence will be skipped.
Hidden RowsYou can hide rows in the Google Sheet manually or using filters. Document Studio will not included these rows in the manual run.
Empty RowsDocument Studio automatically skips rows that are blank. A blank row is one where none of the cells of the row contain any value or formula errors. Cell values like #DIV/0!, #N/A, #NAME?, #NULL!, #NUM!, #VALUE!, #REF! are considered errors.

Stop a Workflowโ€‹

When a workflow is running manually, you can click the Stop button to immediately pause the execution of the workflow. If you wish to resume the paused workflow, click the Refresh button.