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How to Redirect Form Respondents to Another Link


We are sorry but the redirect option is no longer available in forms. Google has dropped support for redirects in Apps Script web apps.

When users submit your form, you can either show them a thank you message or you can redirect them automatically to an external links.

This can help when:

  1. Your form is hosted on a different website and you'd like visitors to be redirected to your main website after submitting the form.
  2. You want to redirect visitor to your Twitter page after form submission.
  3. You want to offer some goodies (like a downloadable PDF) to anyone who submits the form.

Open the sidebar inside Google Sheet and expand the Basic Settings section. Here enter the URL of external website in the Redirect After Submit field.

Redirect visitors


If both confirmation message and redirect links are provided, the redirection option will take precedence.