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Configure File Upload Forms

Click the File Upload Forms menu in the Google Sheet and choose Configure Form to open the configuration sidebar.

Configure Google Form

The sidebar is divided into multiple sections:

  • Basic Settings - Give you form a title, description, customize the confirmation message that shows when a user submits the form, or provide a website URL where the user is redirected after form submission.

  • Advanced Settings - Choose a folder / sub-folder in your Google Drive where the files should be saved, connect to Google Analytics for tracing form views, protect your form with a password and add a CAPTCHA to prevent bot submissions.

  • Email Notifications - Design the email message that is sent after someone submits your form. You can include form data, choose dynamic email recipients in your message.

  • Form Localization - Translation module that will help you localize the form for your language and culture.

  • Share and Embed - Grab the form URL for sharing with your audience. If you wish to embed your form in another website - like Google Sites - get the HTML embed code here.


Always remember to click the "Save" button to apply the new configuration to your form.