Authorize File Upload Forms

Open the Google Sheet that you just copied in your Google Drive. Rename the file from Copy of File Upload Forms to Job Applications since we are building a form for our company where candidates can upload their resume.

It is always a good idea to assign a proper name to your Google Sheet since it will become easier to find the spreadsheet that is storing form response once you've created multiple forms in your Drive.

Authorize the Google Script

Authorize Google Script#

The File Upload Forms is written with Google Apps Script and it uses Google Services - Gmail, Google Drive and Google Sheets - for the form workflow.

You'd therefore have to authorize the Google Script so that it can access these services on your behalf. This has to be completed once.

  1. Inside the Google Sheet, go to the Tools menu and choose Script Editor.

Deploy Web App


Do not click Enable if you see a prompt asking you to enable the new Chrome V8 runtime for your project. The Forms library is not compatible with V8.

  1. Inside the Google script editor, go to the Publish Menu and choose Deploy as Web App

  2. You'll get a pop-up window. Use the default settings.

    • Choose New for Project version and give it any description
    • Choose me under the Execute the App as section
    • Choose anyone, even anonymous under the Who has access to the app section.
    • Click "Update" to apply your changes.

Web App Settings

  1. You'll see another prompt saying "Authorization Required" - click on the "Review permissions" button to continue.

  2. Choose your Google account from the list of available Google accounts and then click Allow on the authorization screen that says File Upload Forms wants to access your Google Account.

Copy the Form URL#

Google Script editor will now provide you the web link (URL) of your File Upload Form. Copy it to the clipboard as we'll need it in a later step.

File Upload Form URL