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Spintax - Create Tweets with Unique Content

The Twitter Bots app supports the Spintax format for tweets and direct messages. This helps you post random and alternate responses to different tweets even when they are coming from the same bot.

Spintax (also known as spin syntax) is a way to create random strings that have the same or similar meaning.

Simple Spintax

The spintax places text inside curly brackets and the alternate versions are separated using pipelines.

{ Hey! Hola | Hi | Greetings }

The same Twitter bot would say Hola or Hi or Greetings in tweets and DMs.

Complex Spintax

{ My { favorite color | favourite colour } is { blue | red | green } { ! | :) } }

The bots support nested spinning and may randomly produce any variations of the text.

  • My favorite color is blue!
  • My favourite colour is green!
  • My favorite color is red :)

Spintax Examples

Let's look at some real-world examples of "spinning syntax."

For social media gurus

It is {important|necessary} to post regular updates on {Twitter|Facebook}

For iPhone fans

iPhone is {my favorite|the most popular|the best} phone.

For blog promotion

You should check my {tutorials|articles|blog posts} on {|}