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Twitter Search Operators - Search Queries for Twitter Bots

This is a complete list of search operators that you can use with Twitter Bots. The bots will use the Twitter API (v2) to find tweets that match your search criteria and perform the action on each of the matching tweets.

Twitter Search Operators

Search QueryDescription
red applesTweets that contain both "red" and "apples" anywhere. This is the default operator
(😃 OR 😡) 😬Emoji Tweets that contain either 😃 or 😡 and 😬
"merry chrismtas"Tweets that contain the exact phrase in the same order
Apples OR OrangesUse the Boolean OR operator in capital letters
Apples OR OrangesUse the Boolean OR operator in capital letters
#food OR #cookingTweets that contain either of these hashtags
@labnolTweets that @mention or reference a particular user
is:verifiedTweets that are from verified accounts
grapes -apples -orangesTweets that contain grapes but not the words apple or oranges
from:BarackObamaTweets written by a specific Twitter user
from:BarackObama to:WhitehouseTwitter from one user that mention another specific user
to:BarackObama -has:links -has:imagesTweets that do not contain links or images
#foodrecipe lang:enTweets sent in particular language (en = English).
#holiday good OR amazing OR awesome has:video_linkTweets that mention #holiday, described as awesome or amazing, and include videos
tornado is:mediaShow tornado tweets containing images or videos
music concert is:video_linkShow tweets that contain native video (uploaded inside tweet)
awesome video has:linksShow tweets that contain the words "awesome" and "video" and include a link (URL)
from:labnol -is:replyIgnore tweets that replies to another @user tweet, quoted tweet or retweet
"sentiment analysis" is:quoteShow tweets that are quoted tweets,also known as Tweets with comments.
(happy OR happiness) lang:en -birthday -is:retweetShow happy tweets in English language but skip retweets

How to Search Tweets by location


Search Tweets at the Basic Access level does not support geo operators.

Twitter now requires elevanted (paid) access to support geocode search queries.

If you have elevated access, you can use the following search queries to find tweets by location.

Search QueryDescription
bounding_box:[west_long south_lat east_long north_lat]Tweets that are within the specified bounding box. Example: bounding_box:[-105.301758 39.964069 -105.178505 40.09455]
recommend #paris has:geo -bakeryTweets that contain the hashtag #paris and have a location attached to them.
place_country:US OR place_country:MX OR place_country:CAMatches Tweets where the country code associated with a tagged place/location matches the given ISO country code.
place:"new york city" OR place:seattleGeo-tagged tweets that are from New York City or Seattle.
point_radius:[longitude latitude radius]Tweets that are within the specified radius of the given latitude/longitude. Example: point_radius:[2.355128 48.861118 16km] OR point_radius:[-41.287336 174.761070 20mi]

When conducting geo searches, the search API will first attempt to find Tweets which have lat/long within the queried geocode, and in case of not having success, it will attempt to find Tweets created by users whose profile location can be reverse geocoded into a lat/long within the queried geocode, meaning that is possible to receive Tweets which do not include lat/long information.

Twitter Search Limitations

While the Twitter search API is powerful, there are few limitations that you should be aware of.

  • Limit your searches to 10 keywords and operators.
  • Twitter search results have a 7 day limit and no tweets will be found for a date older than one week.
  • Twitter API may not handle queries that are either too long or contain too many search operators.
  • The Twitter Search API is not meant to be an exhaustive source of Tweets. Not all Tweets will be indexed or made available via the search interface.
  • You can use the lang operator to restrict tweets to the given language but language detection may not be perfect.