Authorization is Required Error

Problem: Users get an error that says "Authorization is required" when they try to access the form.

Solution: This error happen if the previous authorization was revoked, if you changed any of your Google account settings or if the permissions and sharing settings of the file were changed.

You can easily fix this issue by republishing the web app of the File Upload Form with a new version.

  1. Open the Google Sheet associated with your File Upload Form
  2. Go to the Tools menu and choose Script Editor
  3. Go to the Publish menu and choose to Deploy as Web App
  4. If you are asked to reauthorize the script, please click allow.
  5. On the deployment screen, select "New" for the project version, select "Me" for the Execute the app, and "Anyone, even anonymous" for the access setting.

Click the Deploy or Update button and you will be provided with the form URL again. Copy the URL and test it in a new browser window.

Deploy Web App