Elanah writes: I have a large group of people to email and I want different groups to receive different emails. Can I set up a mail merge so that some people get a specific email?

Yes, it is possible to use different email templates with different people in Mail Merge. You’ll, however, have to split your merge across multiple Google Spreadsheets.

Step 1: Go to Gmail and create multiple drafts that will be used as templates for merge.

Step 2: Open a new Google Spreadsheet, create the mail merge template and specify the list of email recipients.

Step 3. Set the Mail Merge status column as SKIP against all rows that should not be receiving the email for template A.

Step 4. Go to Configure Mail merge, select the Gmail template A and perform the merge.

Step 5. After the merge has been completed, clear the Mail Merge status for rows that should be receiving emails for template B. Repeat Step #4 and choose the Gmail template B.

Sending Different Templates for Scheduled Emails

If you are scheduling emails and not sending them all in a single batch, you would need to create multiple Google Spreadsheet and setup email merges within these sheets. Each spreadsheet should be for a single Gmail template.

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