Mail Merge for Gmail is a free Google add-on but you get a few extra benefits if you upgrade to the premium version.

Activate your Mail Merge Premium License

Download and install the Mail Merge add-on from the Google store. You can then buy the premium license of Mail merge from Digital Inspiration and pay with your credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account.

After you buy the premium edition, you’ll receive an email from us containing the product key. This is a unique key and can only be used with your Google Account. If you have purchased a team license for your entire Google Apps domain, the key can be used by all users in your organization.

Once you the key, go to Mail Merge spreadsheet, click on Mail Merge with Attachments, and Upgrade to Premium. Here choose “I’ve the license key” from the dropdown and enter your key to activate your license.

My License Key Does Not Work

If your license key is not working, the likely issue is that you are logged into a different Google Account. Please ensure that you have opened the Google Sheet in the same account as the one you used to purchase the license.

For support, write us at

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