Google Chrome

Must-have Chrome extensions and apps that will improve your Google Chrome browser experience.


Create notes, to-do lists, voice memos and photo notes with searchable text.


Send and receive SMS text messages from your desktop computer.


Send web pages to your Kindle for reading later in a clutter free environment.


Send web links, text notes and even push files from computer to your phone.


Power users can browse the web using keyboard shortcuts. No mouse required.


Share links to multiple social websites with a go.

Clip Better

Don't send raw links over email, send previews that suggest what a link is all about.


A YouTube music play for Chrome that also includes a radio.

Snappy Snippets

Easily extract CSS and HTML from a web page and send it to CodePen or jsFiddle.

Project Naptha

Copy text from any image with a right-click. It's like an OCR for Chrome.

Hover Reader

Read an article simply by hovering over a link.

Bubble Cursor

Easily click links on web pages or type text in input boxes.


Improved bookmarks manager for Chrome with website thumbnails and instant search.


Convert web pages and documents to EPUB ebooks that you can read offline on your Kindle or iPad.

YouTube Feed

Get notified when new videos are available in your YouTube subscriptions list.


You can write an email in Gmail now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time.


Unblock websites and access content, including videos, that aren't available in your country.

YT Options

Improves your YouTube experience and hides all the annoying parts.


A well designed Markdown text editor for Chrome.


A minimal text editor for Chrome that also sync with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Font Previewer

Preview and test any of the Google Web fonts on your website.


Select some text on a web page and the add-on will read it for you.

Remote Desktop

Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet.

Extensions Manager

Easily manage your installed extensions, applications and themes from the Chrome toolbar.


Lets you restrict the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites.


A mini RSS reader that sites in the toolbar of your Chrome.

Page Monitor

Runs in the background and monitor web pages for changes.


Make your Chrome run faster by suspending tabs and restore them all with a click.


Screen capture anything you see on the web with a click.

Time Warp

Focus on your work and avoid the distracting websites.


This is the easiest way to save a YouTub video as a GIF file.


Print web pages without the clutter or save them as PDFs

Quick Source

View the source code of any web page, deobfuscated and beautified.


It collects all your bookmarklets and puts them in the contextual menu.

GIF Scrubber

This adds movie player like controls to animated GIFs on the web.

Push to Kindle

Delivers any web content to your Kindle or the Kindle Reading Apps.


Learn and master the various keyboard shortcuts available in Gmail.

Hover Zoom

Hover your mouse over an image to see the full-sized version in an overlay window.

Input Tools

Write text in your own language using virtual keyboards and transliteration.


This lets you to easily shorten links with and generate QR codes.


Unified desktop notifications for Gmail and all your social networks.


Split Chrome in two windows. Click a link in the left window and it opens in the right one.


Identify the name of the fonts used in a web page with a click.


You can manipulate the appearance of websites and the changes are permanently preserved.

Panic Button

Quickly hide all the open tabs and replace them with a work related website.


Read long web pages like a novel in a clutter-free environment.

Image Properties

View camera details, GPS location and other information about any photograph.

Tab Outliner

See all your open tabs and Chrome windows in a vertical hierarchical tree.

RSS Subscription

Subscribe to RSS feeds in your favorite news reader with a click.

URL Expander

The add-on will auto-expand all short URLs found on a web page.

Text Mode

Browse the web in black and white in pure text without images and other media.


It makes the Twitter website clean and more readable.

Better History

A better history viewer for your Chrome.

History Timeline

A better way to visualize your browsing history in Chrome with pictures.


Read web pages in a distraction free environment.


Completely change the look of your favorite websites.


Find the Google PageRank and other SEO related information of a page.


Download images in bulk from any website including Flickr and Google Images.

Google Dictionary

View word meanings without leaving the current page.


Search for content across all open tabs in Chrome.

Page Archiver

Save the entire web page to your desktop including the images, CSS and JavaScript.


Search your bookmarks from the omni bar of Chrome.

Nimbus Screenshot

Capture and annotate web pages inside your Chrome browser.


Easily read paginated web pages without clicking.

Save to Google Drive

Save web files to your Google Drive with a click.


Watch your favorite YouTube videos in a continuous loop.

Personal Blocklist

Block one or more useless websites from appearing in your Google search results.

Swift Preview

Don't open a new tab. Preview links before clicking in the same window.


Preview links on Reddit and Hacker news without leaving the front page.

Share Extensions

Generate and share a list of extensions installed in your Chrome browser.

Chrome to Mobile

Push web pages from the desktop to your mobile or tablet for offline reading.

Dead Mouse

You can open links on a web page with your keyboard without ever touching the mouse.

Google Site Search

Quickly search pages on the website that you are currently browsing.

YouTube Ratings

See the proportion of likes and dislikes of any video on the YouTube website.

Similar Pages

Find more websites that are similar to the one you are currently looking at.

Search by Image

Find other images on the web that are similar to one picture.

Source Locator

Locate the folder where the source code of any Chrome add-on is unpacked.

YouTube Thumbs

See a short preview of the YouTube video without even opening the watch page.

Send from Gmail

Send the current web page by Gmail with a click. Works for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

Chrome Access

The add-on provides quick access all the 'about:' and 'chrome://' internal pages of Chrome.

Disconnect Me

Prevent online advertisers and search engines from tracking you on the web.

Web Timer

Keep track of how you spend your time on the Internet.

Strict Workflow

Block time-wasting websites temporarily and focus on your work.

Window Resizer

Automatically resize your Chrome browser window to any screen resolution.

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