Google Add-ons

Google Add-ons, built with Google Apps Script, help you do more with Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Apps services.

Gmail Scheduler

Schedule emails in Gmail and send them later with the help of Google Sheets. Send recurring emails that go on a repetitive schedule.

Sell Digital Downloads

Sell digital goods and handle payments with Google Drive and PayPal or Stripe. The downloads are delivered as file attachments via Gmail.

Email Address Extractor

Scan your Gmail mailbox and extract email addresses from the To, CC, BCC and From fields of your email addresses.

Gmail Mail Merge

Send personalized mass emails to one or more recipients with Gmail Mail Merge.

Google Drive Auditor

Know who can access your files and folders in Google Drive and learn whether they have read or edit permissions on your files.

Forms with File Uploads

Create online forms that allow file uploads, protect forms with passwords and add Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam.

Email Google Spreadsheet

Convert and email spreadsheets as PDF or XLS files via Gmail. Email sheets on recurring schedule (every hour, daily, weekly or monthly).

Save Gmail to Drive

Download your Gmail messages and file attachments to Google Drive, automatically.

Twitter Archiver

Download tweets and save them in a Google Sheet forever.

Google Forms Responder

Create an autoresponder for Google Forms and send automatic confirmation emails, with the form response, to the respondent after they submit a Google form.

India Price Tracker

Use Google Sheets to monitor and compare prices of products on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Infibeam and Amazon India.

Personalized Tweets

Send personalized tweets and direct messages (or DMs) to multiple Twitter users in one-go.

Bulk Gmail Forwards

Auto-forward your Gmail messages, including the older emails, to any another email address without even verifying that account.

Update Google Contacts

Send emails to your Google Contacts and they automatically update their contact information in your address book directly.

Google Contacts Map

Scan your Google Contacts and place the postal addresses on a Google Map.

Schedule Google Forms

Schedule Google Forms and they’ll automatically  stop accepting responses after a specified date and when certain number of entries have been received through the form.

Twitter Bots

Create your own Twitter bots that can follow users, send DMs, retweet and favorite tweets.

Twitter RSS

Create RSS feeds for Twitter searches and lists and subscribe in any news reader.

RSS Translate

Translate foreign language RSS feeds into your native language and subscribe to them in your favorite news reader.

Gmail Purge

Automatically delete older email messages from specific senders after a certain period of time.

Advanced Gmail Filters

Setup your own advanced Gmail filters that will help you find emails with more accuracy.

Self Desctructing Email

You can send passwords and other private information as self-destructing messages in Google Docs that will vanish after being read.

Gmail Read Receipts

Use Google Analytics to track your Gmail messages and get notified when people open your email.

Auto-Expire Drive Links

Set an auto-expiration date for shared folders or files in Google Drive and the links will automatically expire at the specified date and time.

Receive Files in Drive

Receive files from anyone in your Google Drive folder. Allows anonymous uploads to your Drive.

Amazon Price Tracker

Keep track of prices of one or more products on Amazon and get email alerts when the prices go down or up.

Gmail Unsubscriber

Automatically unsubscribe your email address from mailing lists and bulk emails.

Website Monitor

Monitor the downtime of your websites with Google Spreadsheets. Get email alerts when your website goes down.

Gmail Auto Responder

Send pre-written replies to incoming email messages in Gmail. Better than Gmail canned responses.

Copy Gmail Drafts

Create multiple copies of the same e-mail draft messages in Gmail. The duplicate message will copy the body and attachments too.

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