Susanne and Peter are using Mail Merge for Gmail to send out personalized email invites to friends for their wedding. They have a handwritten note for each guest that they have scanned and would like to include as an inline image in each email.


Mail Merge can help you easily insert different images in the email message of each recipient. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open your Gmail Draft template and included a variable in a new line that says {{Handwritten Note}} (or any other name you like).

Step 2: Open your Mail Merge google sheet and create a new column. Set the header value of this column as Handwritten Name, same as the one you used in Step 1.

Step 3: Go to our image hosting website and drag-n-drop the image from your desktop to the website to upload the image.

Step 4: After the image is uploaded, copy the HTML embed code of the image and paste it in the spreadsheet image column.

You can repeat step #3 & #4 for all your images. The images will display inline in the outgoing emails provided the recipients have turned on images downloads in their email client.

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