The Email Notifications for Google Forms add-on sends an email when someone fills and submits your Google Form. The sender’s name, that shows up in the message header, is by default the name of the form’s owner.

The sender’s email is always that of the Google account that has installed and authorized the Google Forms add-on. Some may want to change the email in the notification so that the notification appears to come from the form submitter’s email account but that is not possible since you cannot spoof someone else’s address.

You can, however, change the sender’s name in the Forms notification. This can be a dynamic field so if you are asking for the user’s name in the Google Form, that name may show up in the email’s To field.

While creating the rule, go to the Sender’s Name field in the configuration window and enter the question that is asking for the submitter’s name and enclose this in double braces (see screenshot).

Change Sender in Google Forms

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