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You can write your text in Markdown format and dotEPUB will convert your text into an e-book (ePUB or MOBI format) that you can read on an iPad (iBooks) or the Amazon Kindle.

dotEPUB is available as a bookmarklet and as a Google Chrome extension allowing you to convert just about any web page into an EPUB or MOBI format ebook.

Also, if you would like to convert a Word document or a PDF file to EPUB / MOBI, just upload the .doc or .docx file to Google Docs and then use the dotEPUB bookmarklet to convert it into the appropriate ebook format.

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Stamen Maps offer beautiful maps that are reminiscent of hand drawn maps. They use map information from OpenStreetMap and all the tile images are licensed under a Creative Commons license that even allows commercial use.

You have toner maps that are in high-contrast black and white while the terrain maps are perfect for highlighting hills and natural vegetation.

Stamen Maps can applied as a layer on Google Maps and you can then use the built-in controls of Google Maps to navigate the maps.

You can also download any map area as a static image using your favorite map style.

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With MapFab, your can create your own custom Google Maps in minutes and publish them as KMZ files that can be directly viewed inside Google Maps and Google Earth.

MapFab lets you add lines, custom marker icons, polygons and text labels to your maps. They also include Magnetic Lines where the lines will automatically snap to the physical roads on Google Maps.

You can choose from a variety of icons for your marker pins and they can also have tooltip text and info bubbles that pop-up when someone clicks the marker.

The published maps can be either public or you can protect them with a password.

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With the Olark widget installed on your website, your site visitors /customers can chat live with you (the operator) without having to fill out any contact forms or making phone calls.

You can connect Olark with popular instant messenger clients like Google Talk, Pigdin or Trillian (any client that supports XMPP or Jabber) and chat with customers directly from that IM client.

You may also ask your visitors for some information – like their name and an email address – before starting the live chat session. If you are offline, the chat widget turns into an email contact form or you can even hide the box completely.

Olark offers a free plan that allows up to 20 conversations per month and 5 concurrent chat session or the $15/month Bronze plan will get you unlimited conversations.

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vintageJS is an online tool where you can upload your photographs and apply retro (vintage) effects to them instantly.

Unlike other photo editing tools, vintageJS uses the HTML5 canvas element to add a vintage look to you images and thus edits happen locally in your browser.

The edited images can be made public and in that case, your image (the edited version) will get a unique URL that you share via email or on social networks.

vintageJS is also available as a jQuery plugin that you may use to apply retro-effects to photos included in your website.

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Bootbox enhances the native alert() and confirm() modal dialog boxes of JavaScript with styling adopted from Twitter’s Bootstrap framework.

Your dialog boxes can have one or more buttons with custom labels, CSS styles and icons. The backdrop fades and dims when a modal dialog box is active though you can also disable the default behavior.

Bootbox requires on Twitter’s bootstrap CSS, and the modals require the bootstrap-modal.js JavaScript in addition to the jQuery library.

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SpeechPad is a transcription service where you can upload any audio or video file and they will get it converted to text. You may also point to media files that are online – like a YouTube video or an MP3 file – and they’ll deliver the transcriptions as a Word document or an HTML file for posting on your website.

If you are a video producer, you may want to attach transcripts with your videos to improve visibility in search engines (SEO).

SpeechPad charges $1 per minute of audio and the transcription is delivered within a week. is a good alternative to SpeechPad – they charge $2/minute of audio but here you need to buy credits for at least 60 minutes.

Posted on is an online tool that lets you to resize and crop images in one or more sizes. To get started, upload your images in the browser and then either select any of the predefined sizes or you can even specify a custom size (width and height).

The unique thing about Cropp is that automatically find and retains the most “visually interesting” portions of a picture in case the original (source image) and the target sizes do not have the same aspect ratio. If it makes a mistake, you can always manually adjust the cropped images.

With, you can upload and crop up to five images in a single batch and each of these images can be cropped to multiple size in the same session. The output images can be downloaded as a single simple zip file.
Posted on is a Yahoo service that will help you compress the size of images in a batch before you embed them on a website or send them as email attachments. The service can handle JPG, GIF, and PNG images that are up to 1 MB in size.

You can either upload images from the desktop or specify the image URL and will directly fetch them for optimization.

If you are uploading a GIF file, will convert them to PNG images as they are often smaller than GIF files. Thus, if you are referring to these GIF images in your CSS or HTML, you may have to change the file extensions in the code accordingly.

Internally, Yahoo’s services uses JPEGtran to remove the meta data from JPEGs and PNGCrush to shring the PNGs. For animated GIFs, it uses GIFscile to remove repeating pixels in different frames thus reducing the overall file size. is another useful image optimization service for PNG files that reduce the file size by decreasing the number of colours in the image (24-bit PNG files are converted to 8-bit indexed colour images) but the alpha transparency is preserved.

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Icon Finder is a comprehenive database of icons that you may use in your website, mobile apps, presentation and other design projects.

You can browse icon by tags or by icon sets. The search results can be filtered by icon sizes (resolution) or by the background color of the icon.

The icons available on Icon Finder can be downloaded in either PNG or ICO format but make sure you read the licensing terms as not all icon images may be available for commercial use. and are the other popular sources for downloading icons.

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With SpyPig, you can easily find out when your email messages are opened and read by the recipients.

This is how SpyPig works. It generate an invisible GIF image per email address. When you compose a new email message inside Gmail or Hotmail or any other email program that can send rich HTML email, simply drag this tracking image into your message body.

Now send the message as usual and SpyPig will send you a notification email when the recipient opens your email. You’ll also get to know the recipient’s IP address, the approximate location, what browser they are using and other standard HTTP referral information.

When the recipient opens your email, SpyPig’s tracking image is downloaded on their computer and hence “email opened” action is recorded. Thus, image downloads should be enabled on the recipeint’s computer for the tracking to work.

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You are planning a movie with friends or a meeting with colleagues but the challenge is finding a common date that will suit everyone.

Enter Doodle, an online scheduling tool that will make it easy for you to pick a date and time that will be the most suitable for all parties involved.

You create an event (say Movie) on Doodle and visually select some dates and time-slots that will be suitable for that event. Invite a group of people to that event via email and they can then directly indicate their preference /availablility for the various available slots.

Once you have collected all the responses, you can quickly shortlist the date/time that has the maximum number of green ticks. is also a good alternative to Doodle.

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JotForm is an online form builder where you can quickly and easily build complex forms by simply dragging and dropping the questions and various form fields on to the canvas.

JotForm supports all the standard form fields but the tool also lets you insert special fields like Sliders, Star Ratings, Date pickers and Matrix for more complex surveys. You can integrate your form with Filepicker and that will allow visitors to directly upload files to your form from Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage.

Payment services such as PayPal or Google Checkout can be added to the form as well.

JotForm is free for 100 submissions per month.

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Project ROME from Adobe is an online design tool that you may used to create your own visiting cards, product brochures, greeting cards, certificates, graphics and other marketing material.

Your work can include layers of text, graphic images, videos and audio files. You may also add SWF animations and other elements to make your documents more interactive.

Unlike other design tools, ROME is very user-friend and you can get started in minutes by simply dragging the right element on to the canvas. The work may be published online or you can save them locally as PDFs and other popular formats.

Posted on turns ordinary photographs into beautiful text portraits. You may have different fonts, text sizes, backgrounds and thus two portraits would never look alike even if the source image is the same.

Drag and drop any photo from the desktop into your browser, write some letters (or pick one of the ready-made presets) and watch as the same photo is rendered in your selected letters.

Posted on is a URL shortening service from Google that lets you quickly turn any long, complex URL into a small URL suitable for sharing over email and IM messages.

When you shorten a URL with, you also get access to detailed click stats like how many times was that URL clicked, the location, aggregate browser data and also the referral information.

If you add .qr to any URL, it will render a QR Code for that short URL that you can scan and open on your mobile phone.

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With, you can use your own web domain for serving shortened URLs. News sites like WSJ ( and TechCrunch ( use custom short domains powered by and this helps the visitors as they can get an idea of the destination website by just looking at the short URL.

To create own your short URLs using, you just need to create a custom A record in your DNS records of the domain and point it to’s IP address.

If you are hosting a short domain on a sub-domain, you need to set the CNAME Record for that subdomain to point to

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Wondering where is that short URL pointing to? Unfurlr is a free service that will unmask the original URL that’s hiding behind a short URL.

In addition to extracting the source URL, Unfurlr will also run some security checks against the destination URL so that you know whether that URL leads to a safe website or not.

Advanced users may read the HTTP response headers returned by the Short URL to trace its exact path.

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Can’t remember those long web addresses (or URLs)? You can use to create short URLs that are easier to share and remember.

Scammers and Malware writers may use Short URLs to disguises bad websites but the advantage with is that scans the destination page for safety and will give you the opportunity to back out if the site is considered risky. is a product of McAfee, the popular anti-virus company.

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Is it difficult for you to find the time to read books. The free service DailyLit splits large books into smaller pieces and delivers them one-by-one into your inbox at a time convenient to you. It will less than 5 minutes to read an installment.

To get started, you need to pick a book (they have some excellent titles in the Classic genre), then select how often and when you want to receive messages, and provide your email address. The book installments can be delivered daily, on weekends or on particular days of a weeks at your preferred time.

In addition to email, you may also subscribe to a book in your RSS reader. Books can also be gifted to friends, virtually.

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CSS Arrows Please

CSS Arrows Please will help you generate tooltip style arrows in pure CSS.

You can customize the arrow position, the colors and width of the border as well as the size and colors of the contained text.

The source of CSS Arrows Please is available on GitHub.

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TitanPad is a collaborative document editor that requires no sign-up and multiple people can work on the same document simultaneously. The document gets updated and synchronized in real-time for all users.

You can export the edited document as a Word file, PDF, or an HTML web page. There’s a nice time-slider that replays your edits with time.

In addition to document editing, TitanPad can also be used for quickly transferring text from one mobile device to another – just open the same TitanPad URL on both devices, paste the text in one device and it will magically appear on other device.

TitanPad is based on EtherPad, an open-source project available on GitHub. is another good alternative to TitanPad.

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Loupe is automatic photo collage maker that will instantly turn your pile of picture into a collage of any shape or form. You collage could be shaped like the heart symbol, a cat, a soccer ball or use custom text.

Loupe can also fetch pictures from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, Tumblr, and other web accounts.

Once the pictures have been selected, choose your shape and watch as your photos form into the shape you selected. The collage isn’t static – the underlying image will pop-up when you hover over the images.

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With Picisto, you can create picture collages of various shapes and sizes in minutes.

To get started, select a readymade collage template and upload your pictures. You may also pull pictures from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Google Image Search is also integrated with Picisto so may you may search and insert pictures from the web right inside the program.

Once a picture is added to the canvas, you may drag to re-position the image or use the slider to zoom-in and resize the photos. You may also add text captions and shapes (like speech bubbles) to the collage. Next share your creation with friends and send it to the printer.

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PeoplePlotr is a web based tool for building interactive family trees. You may also use the tool for create org charts for your organization.

Unlike most other family tree software, PeoplePlotr lets you customize the layouts of your family tree and you can choose to highlight different categories of people with different set of colors.

You can also enhance your family tree charts with Flickr images and YouTube videos.

All trees have a unique URL that you can use to share your creation with friends and family. The trees are mobile-friendly and include a handy search feature to help you navigate through the really complex ones.

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Ever need to set a quick reminder without having to fire that calendar or to-do app on your phone?

With FollowUpThen, you can create custom reminders by simply sending an email message to a particular message. For instance, send an email message to and it resend that message to you after two weeks.

Similarly, if there’s a message in your mailbox that you need to act on, say, after a month – just forward that entire message to and it will magically reappear in your mailbox after a month.

To setup a recurring reminder, you can send the message to an address like or for getting a reminder every 10th of a month.

FollowUpThen is a free service though the premium option allows to you create SMS reminders as well. is also a good alternative to FollowUpThen.

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When you are working on a collaborative project, you may want other people to send files and documents to you.

Now instead of using email attachments and clogging up the mailbox, what you can do is use DropItToMe.

The service create a special upload link (URL) that you share with all the people associated with the project. When they upload files using this special link, they will magically appear inside your Dropbox folder.

The upload link is protected by a password. Also, while most email program only allow users to exchange email attachments between 20-30 MB is size, DropItToMe allows file uploads as large as 75 MB.

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Learnpub make it easy for you to create and publish ebooks in popular formats include PDF, EPUB (iBooks) and MOBI (Kindle). If you have a blog, you can import blog’s RSS Feed into Leanput and it will instantly convert your posts into an ebook.

After signing-up, the service creates a shareable folder in your Dropbox account and any text files that you add to this folder becomes chapters in your eBook. You can either compose the chapters in HTML or use the popular Markdown syntax to apply formatting to your text.

Once you’ve added the text files and images to your ‘manuscript’ folder inside Dropbox, you can preview your ebook on the Leanpub website. Next publish your ebook and Leanpub will also create a landing page where anyone can buy your ebook.

Alternatively, you may manually upload the generated ebook to the Amazon Kindle Store (using KDP) or to Apple’s iBookStore. You can decide the price of your ebook and Leanpub will pay you 90% of the ebook price.

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There are just too many video formats out there and not all them may be compatible with your mobile device. For instance, you can’t play the Window Media (wmv) format on an iPad while the older web browsers aren’t compatible with HTML5 video formats. is an online service that makes video conversion simple and less confusing.

When you upload a video to, it will create all the required formats to ensure that your video will playback on every browser, mobile phone and every other device in the market.

Once the video has been transcode, provides universal embed code that supports both Flash and HTML5 formats. If a visitor is on Chrome, embed code will stream using Google’s WEBM video format while IE visitors will served using the Flash Player. is a freemium service. You can convert one video for free but then you have to pay per use.

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With CiteBite, you can deep link and highlight any paragraph, line or even a group of words on a web page. The page with the highlighted content has a unique URL that can pass along via email or social sites.

To get started, copy-paste a chunk of text from that page into CiteBit and also enter the exact URL of the page containing that text. CiteBite will automatically figure out the placement of that portion in the web page and return a link (or URL) that points to the same web page but with the selection highlighted.

CiteBite is particular useful for sharing bits of lengthy pages like the article on Wikipedia.

Posted on offers a variety tool to help you draw and write on any web page without downloading any software.

You can launch Markup on any page by clicking the bookmarklet or using their Chrome browser extension. When the toolbar loads, you will have to option to write text notes or create freehand drawings on the current page in various colors. When you are done, hit the Publish button and share it with friends.

Markup also supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts to ease the process of marking up. For instance the letter ‘t’ will switch to Text mode while ‘c’ will let you draw a circle. You can use the Shift and arrow keys to nudge selected shape /drawing by 10 pixels.

When you share a Markup document with someone, they will can choose the “Reply” option to edit the existing markup or add their own.

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If you find an interesting snippet on a long web page that you would like to share with friends, Annotary will come handy.

The web service lets you highlight and annotate web pages with the yellow highlighter pen and you can also insert sticky notes near your highlights.

Every annotated page has a unique web address (URL) that you can bookmark or share on social sites and all your notes and highlights will be preserved.

Your annotations are also preserved on the website.

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Speed Test

Wondering if the ISP is offering you the actual Internet speed that you were promised at the time of signing up?

With, you can quickly determine the actual download and upload speed of your Internet connection using the browser itself. The service will pick the nearest ping server, based on your IP address, to measure the upload and download speeds on your computer.

You may want to disable any download managers running in the background. Also, if the service has issues detecting your upload speeds, turning off the anti-virus and firewall software on your computer momentarily during the test may fix the issue.

SpeedTest also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices to help you measure data speeds on your WiFi or cellular networks.

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Looking for a teleprompter to record your video show? Well you don’t need any expensive equipment as the free CuePrompter app will quickly turn your laptop or desktop screen into an instant teleprompter.

Enter any text and CuePrompter will put it on a full screen page where you can adjust the scrolling speed, there are forward and reverse scrolling button plus you can alter the size of the display text.

The screen in the physical teleprompter is half reversed and you can emulate reverse mirror display that in CuePrompter as well. Just make sure that you have installed the free Strait Kcab font before else the reverse display won’t make sense.

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It isn’t uncommon to see hackers breaking into a database and then they post all the stolen credentials (usernames and passwords) on public websites making them accessible to anyone and everyone.

PwnedList is an online tool that monitors such leaked lists of compromised accounts and will alert you as soon as it finds your online account – the email address associated with your login – in any of these databases.

The service mostly sources data from from account dumps made by various hacker groups though they also spider underground websites to identify potential account dumps and imports them without human intervention.

One more thing. If you discover that your email address is part of any of these account dumps, it may not necessarily mean that your account has been compromised. That’s because the hacker groups would still need to decrypt your passwords before gaining access to your account.

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When you save an HTML web page from a Microsoft Word document, the Office engine adds tons of proprietary HTML tags and CSS styles (like class=MsoNormal or style=’mso-no-proof:yes’) to the exported HTML file.

With WordOff, you can quickly remove all the invalid or proprietary tags from the Word HTML (or any other WYSIWYG editor) and you can then use the cleaned file in email newsletters, ebooks or even your rich-text emails.

Wordoff is written in Python and runs on Django in Google App Engine. It is open-source and you may grab the code from Github.

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JS Beautifier

JS Beautifier is online too for deobfuscating complex JavaScript code. Paste the code in the Input box, hit Control + Enter and the code will start making sense.

The beautifier can reformat bookmarklets for reading as well as unpack scripts that were originally packed by Dean Edward’s popular packer before distribution.

JS Beautifier is on Github and there are quite a few Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons, bookmarklets and command-line tools that make use of this tool to unpack JavaScript.

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Dirty Markup

Paste any piece of obfuscated HTML, JavaScript and CSS code (or a mix of these languages) and Dirty Markup would tidy the lines and make them readable.

DirtyMarkup internally uses the HTML Tidy, CSS Tidy and JS Beautify to clean up your messy code. You can specify a custom print margin (say 120 pixels) and it will do a word-wrap at that point so that the code can be printed as well.

The tool is particularly useful for tidying up HTML generated by Microsoft Word.

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Ngram Viewer

Google Books offers an interesting tool called Ngram Viewer where you can enter a search phrase, say William Shakespeare, and it will display a graph showing how that phrase has occurred in books over the years.

The Ngram Viewer also shows how the usage of language and phrases have changed over the years. Google has digitized (using OCR software) more than 15 million books and these graphs are generated using a dataset of more than 500 billion words.

The tools also support operators for advanced for search. For instance, you can say tasty => desert to understand how over the term tasty modifies dessert. It will include phrases like tasty frozen dessert, tasty yet expensive dessert, and all the other instances in which the word tasty is applied to dessert.

Note that the Ngram Viewer is case-sensitive, but Google Books search results are not.

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Spreaker lets you create your own radio show and you can start broadcasting live from anywhere by simply signing up with your Facebook account.

Getting started is simple. You hit the Broadcast button, give a title to your live Radio show and start speaking in the computer’s microphone. Alternatively, you may upload a pre-recorded audio file to play in your radio show.

Spreaker is freemium service. The free plan lets you live broadcast up to 30 minutes per session and you get storage space for 10 hours of audio. There’s no limit on the number of viewers that can listen to your radio show simultaneously.

Be sure to check the auto-sharing options to let your Facebook and Twitter friends know when you go on-air.

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Skimlinks is the easiest service for adding affiliate links to your website or blog.

You can create a normal link to any product on a participating shopping website (say Amazon) and Skimlinks will automatically convert them into an affiliate link. Skimlinks works on a revenue share model and the split is 25/75 – they keep 25% while the publisher gets 75%.

The affiliate links are not rewritten and therefore site visitors clearly know where that links will lead them to.

Skimlinks also offers short URLs for your affiliate links to help you earn commissions on links that you share on Twitter, Facebook and email newsletters.

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Chitika, unlike Google AdSense, is a non-contextual advertising network that may also serve local ads to your website’s visitors.

The USP of Chitika are the search-targeted ads that show up when someone lands on your site via a search engine. Chitika extracts the search query from the referring URL and serves matching ads. This will however not work for visitors that are using the secure (https) version of Google as it no longer passes the referral parameters to the visited site.

Chitika also offers mobile targeted ads that are served to visitors using iOS or Android devices. There new Hover format puts ads in the bottom right corners that will become visible as users scroll down a page – much like the fly-out menus in The New York Times stories.

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BuySellAds is a popular online ad network where web publishers can easily find sponsores for websites, email newsletters and even Twitter.

Publishers can go for CPC based ads (per click) or CPM based ads (per 1000 impressions) and BuySellAds will take a 30% commission. They have a huge pool of advertisers who can also look at a blog’s influence /reach before buying an ad.

Celebritries like Paris Hilton use BuySellAds to sell sponsored tweets to their millions of followers on Twitter. You can also use BuySellAds to monetize your email newsletters and RSS feeds.

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BlogAds started as an online ad network for political blogs but now handle advertising for all categories. Perez Hilton, one of the biggest gossip and entertainment blogs, handles advertising through Blog Ads.

If there aren’t any paying sponsors, you may run your own in-house campaigns through the same ad units. You also have the option to offer discount codes to regular advertisers.

Unlike most ad networks that are CPC (click) or CPM based, BlogAds sell ads at a fixed price. Requires an invitation but you may ask any existing BlogAds publisher for one.

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Google AdSense is only for websites but LaunchBit is an online ad network that will help you monetize your email newsletters. You can have regular email campaings, RSS to Email campaigns or even transactional emails.

It’s an online marketplace where newletter publishers, like yourself, can get listed and find sponsors. Your newsletter must comply with CAN-SPAM laws and must be easy for your readers to unsubscribe.

If you are selling your own ads directly, then you can choose any format you like. The cost-per-click ads available to you are 300x250px and 468x60px banner ads. There are also cost-per-click text ads available to MailChimp publishers.

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.htaccess Tester

The .htaccess is one of the most important and busiest file on your web server since it is accessed and consulted on any HTTP request.

The .htaccess tester is online tool that will help you check the various rewrite rules that are part of your .htaccess file.

You can also specify a custom Referral URL to emulate incoming requests to your web server from other servers. Always do a test before pushing any mod_rewrite rule to the server.

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.htaccess Redirect

The .htaccess file on your web server has rules that are applied to all incoming web requests. It can help you password-protect directories on your service, prevent hotlinking of images or the most popular use case for .htaccess is to automatically redirect web visitors from one directory to another with the 301 code.

If you are aren’t an experienced programmer, you can use this online tool to generate the .htaccess rules for various actions and copy-paste them into your actual .htaccess file.

Do it carefully because the moment you change an .htaccess file, the changes come into effect and will apply to all future incoming HTTP requests.

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Timmer is a sleek countdown timer that looks just like your kitchen timer but works in the borwser. You can rotate the dial to set the timer and it will make a little beep when the time is up.

Timerr has two modes – you can either set the Autostart mode on that will start the timer as soon as you rotate the knob or you can manually set and start the timer.

They also have a Chrome extension that works offline too. It cannot got any simpler.

Posted on is a beautiful online countdown tool where you specify the name of your event (like Apple Keynote) and the time it will create a unique URL that you may also share with friends.

You can hover over the countdown clock to see the timezone of the event.

Posted on Timer

Ever need a quick timer that you can use in your browser without installing any software.

With Timer, you can set up a custom timer by simply appending the time to the URL. For instance, if you need a timer for 5 minutes, you can use the URL or would set a timer in your browser for an hour.

The timer is written in HTML and should therefore work across all browsers.

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Patternizer will help you create beautiful and even complicated patterns in seconds. You can start with a blank canvas or use one of the existing patterns as a starting point.

Unlike other online pattern generators where you essentially color pixels, Patternizer uses the concept of layered stripes. You add one colored layer on top of another and modify properties like the tilt angle, spacing or the opacity to generate the image.

There’s no option to save the pattern as a PNG image but you can always use the good old Print Screen key for that.

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Striped Backgrounds

Striped Backgrounds provides striped images that you can use as wallpaper for your mobile phones and desktop screens.

Press the random button to generate a random background or enter your own Hex values to convert a give color palette into a background. Do remember to select the correct resolution of your background before hitting the download button – they have presets ranging from large desktop screens to mobile screen to 128×128 avatars for your social profiles.

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If you can’t find a good pattern image in any of the online pattern galleries, use Patternify to generate your own.

Patternify offers a 10×10 grid and some simple drawing tools (pencil and eraser) to help you build your own pattern in your favorite colors. The preview is updated live as you fill the various pixel in the grid.

Once the pattern is ready, you can either download the pattern as a PNG image or use the Base64 code to directly insert the pattern image in your CSS in the data-uri format.

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CSS3 Patterns Gallery

The CSS3 Patterns Gallery includes some beautiful pattern designs for your websites. Unlike regular patterns that  are rendered using images, these patterns are created entirely in CSS thus saving a few HTTP requests and also reducing the size of your web pages.

For instance, here’s a sample CSS pattern that generates the paper effect.

background-color: #fff; 
linear-gradient(90deg, transparent 79px, #abced4 79px, #abced4 81px, transparent 81px),
linear-gradient(#eee .1em, transparent .1em);
background-size: 100% 1.2em;

CSS3 Patterns should work on all modern browsers that support gradients. The project is also available on Github.

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Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns hosts high-quality textured patterns for your websites and other design projects. Whether you are looking for a wooden texture or a ruled paper like background for your notepad design, you’ll find them all here in a neat grid layout.

They have a single .zip available with all the pattern images (in .png) or you can head over to Github for downloading the Photoshop pattern file (.pat) that again contains all the patterns.

Should you wish to modify the colors of a pattern, just open the corresponding file in Photoshop, add a new Layer and then apply a different Color under Layer Style -> Blending options.

The patterns are available under a Creative Commons License are thus free to use and download.

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Color Lovers is an online repository of seamless patterns and color palettes submitted by users around the world. The assets can sorted by number of views, likes or comments.

They also have dedicated channels for web, print and business to help you quickly pick colors, palettes and patterns that are more suitable for your design project.

And in case you wish to experiment on your own, Color Lovers offers an online pattern generator to help you design seamless patterns with the help of simple editing tools. The patterns may be added to the online gallery for the world to see.

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Color Hexa

Enter any color and ColorHexa  will provide you tons of useful information about that color. For instance, you’ll get to know the exact composition of that color, how that color can be created and whether the color is web-sae or not (if not, the tool also recommends the closes web safe color).

ColorHexa generates complementary color schemes as well as a gradient with the various shades of the same color.

If you are building an accessible site, you will also find Color Hexa useful as it shows how how the entered color will appear to color-blind people.

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Ever wonder what colors are used  in an image? You can take a send that picture as an email attachment to and the service will send you the exact color scheme as an Adobe Swatch file.

Alternatively, you can upload the file to Pictaculous and it will extract the main colors of the image in HEX format. The tool will also suggest matching color palettes found in the Adobe Kuler database.

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Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler lets you generate your own color themes or you can experiment variations with an an existing palette contributed by the online community. Kuler offers the color wheel, harmony rules, and color sliders for quick customization or you can manually enter the color codes in HEX, RGB or any of the other popular formats.

Kuler also offers color extraction tools to help you generate color themes from an existing image – you can either upload a photograph from the desktop or pick one from your Flickr gallery.

You can search for existing color schemes by HEX codes (like #FFEEDD) and the site provides RSS feeds for the most popular or highly rated themes.

Requires Adobe Flash player.

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Pandoc will help you convert documents between various markup formats. You can input documents written in either Markdown, HTML, or LaTeX formats and the tool will let you convert them into HTML, MediaWiki, LaTeX, DocBook, Markdown, and RTF formats.

Pandoc can also output documents in EPUB format which is compatible with iPads, and other ebook readers. There’s also support for LaTeX math, tables, and footnotes.

You can either use Pandoc online or they offer installer binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s a command line conversion tool with no GUI though.