Readability is a read later service like Pocket or Instapaper but their Chrome add-on has a few additional features that will impress you.

One, you can use Readability to remove all the clutter from a web page – like the ads, sidebar widgets, Flash videos, etc. – for a more pleasing reading experience. You can read the cleaned page right in the current tab or send it to your Readability reading list for reading later on your mobile devices.

Readability also has a helpful Send to Kindle feature to help you quickly save any web page to your Kindle reader for offline reading. You press the Readability button in the Chrome toolbar and a copy of the page will be transferred to your Kindle via your secret Kindle email address. Also, the service automatically sends a daily digest of your saved reading list to your Kindle.

If a page doesn’t have a print specific stylesheet, you can also use Readability to clean the page before sending to to the printer.